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X-Men - Wolverine's Claws

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Background of Wolverine's Claws

Wolverine is the co-leader of the X-Men, a powerful team of mutants in the X-Men movie franchise, Logan and the Marvel comics universe. With retractable claws in his forearms since birth, James "Logan" Howlett, was given his legendary title "Wolverine". Logan also has increased healing capabilities, which allowed the Army to experiment on his body to create a near invincible super soldier by replacing his bones with the nearly-indestructible metal called adamantium. The adamantium claws Wolverine received during the experiments are sharpened and allow him to tear and cut through any substance with little to no resistance. Revolting against his Army tormentors, Logan now fights for the X-Men. 

Steel replica of Wolverine's Claws

This pair is a real replica of Wolverine's claws and they are made of stainless steel to fit adult sized hands comfortably. The set comes with a beautiful ABS LED light up display stand, making the pair a perfect addition to any X-Men collection.