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Marvel Deadpool - Deadpool Kitchen Knife Head Block

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Background of Deadpool

Deadpool is a mercenary with accelerated regenerative capabilities in many Marvel comic book series and the Deadpool movie. As a mutant, Deadpool is able to rapidly heal from any of his injuries, capable of easily recovering from broken bones and bullet wounds, and even able to regrow lost body parts. Combining his mutant powers and experience as a soldier in the Special Forces, Deadpool has an extremely versatile combat style, which allows him to surprise and throw his opponents off guard.

Deadpool wears a red and black suit to cover his disfigured form and his constant bleeding. He wears this suit in all of his battles, fighting and protecting those who he deeply cares about.

Real life replica of Deadpool's Head

Our masterfully crafted kitchen knife head block is inspired by Deadpool's head from the Deadpool movie. This replica of Deadpool's head is designed to be a resin block to store kitchen knives and can also be used to store coins.

NOTE: Knives not included.