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Marvel Avengers - Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet

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Background of Thanos

Thanos is a Titan, a powerful god-like species from many Marvel comic book series and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As his planet became extinct from lack of resources, Thanos decided that the only way to bring stability to the universe was by wiping out half of all life. To do this, Thanos sets out to find the six Infinity Stones. When invading several planets, Thanos wears his exceptionally durable battle armor to fight many powerful enemies.

Thanos carries the Infinity Gauntlet, which was melted and forged by the power of a star. Thanos uses this to channel the power of all six Infinity Stones, allowing him to fight several opponents with ease and wipe out half of all life in the universe with a single snap.

Real life replica of Thanos' Gauntlet

Our masterfully crafted gauntlet is inspired from Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet from the movie Avengers: Infinity War. This replica of Thanos's Gauntlet is 40 cm (16 in) and is made out of stainless steel. Comes with a wooden display stand. Gauntlet is functional and wearable. Gems light up and are detachable. Gems take watch batteries (button cell). BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED.

*Note: the orange and purple stones are slightly slanted so they look straight when displayed on the gauntlet itself (to make up for the curvature of the gauntlet itself).*

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