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Kingdom Hearts - Rainfell Keyblade (High Density Foam)

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Background of Rainfell Keyblade

Aqua is one of the main protagonists in the video game series Kingdom Hearts. A powerful magic-based fighter, she is one of only three individuals to receive the honourable title of “Keyblade Master” after passing a difficult exam called the “Mark of Mastery.” Only those who are true of heart are worthy to wield a keyblade, which gives them the magical ability to open any lock in existence. Aqua is characterized by her strong devotion to her friends and selfless kindness, which allow her to never stray from the path of light when fighting against evil forces.

The “Rainfell” is the magical keyblade from the “Realm of Light” which Aqua uses to bravely fight for justice. During battles, Aqua is able to transform her Rainfell keyblade into a powerful glider, which she can use to fly to other worlds. The Rainfell has a white, angular guard and a distinctive head which has a diamond-like appearance.

Real life replica of Rainfell Keyblade

Our masterfully crafted Keyblade is inspired by Aqua’s Rainfell, including its iconic design and shape. This foam replica of the Rainfell is 87 cm (34 in) and is constructed with a fiberglass core to enhance stability. The keyblade is an ideal home decoration or cosplay accessory, and is perfect for LARP.

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