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Fire and Steel - Viking Sword (Battle Ready)

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The Viking Age sword (also Viking sword) or Carolingian sword is the type of sword prevalent in Western and Northern Europe during the Early Middle Ages. They developed in the 8th century from the Merovingian sword (more specifically, the Frankish production of swords in the 6th to 7th century, itself derived from the Roman spatha). Swords during this period were very costly to make, and a sign of high status. Most Viking warriors would own a sword as one raid was usually enough to afford a good blade. 

-- From Wikipedia

Fire and Steel viking swords are built to sustain impact from actual combat. Modelled after those found in northern Europe in the 8th century. 90cm. 1060 High carbon steel blade with zinc alloy fittings. Can be fully disassembled for maintenance. Comes with high quality wooden sheath. Part of our battle-ready line of swords.