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Fire and Steel - "Copper Tears" Double-Edged Ninjato (Battle Ready)


This is a part of our Fire and Steel line of premium collectors swords. These are among the highest quality battle ready swords.

"The ninjato is typically depicted as being a short sword with a straight blade and a square guard. The typical description of the ninjatō could be due to ninja having to forge their own blades from slabs of steel or iron with the cutting edge being ground on a stone, with straight blades being easier to form than the much more refined curved traditional katana. For convenience, the ninja would choose a blade that was shorter and straighter than usual."

-- From Wikipedia

"Copper Tears" is a hand forged ninjato built with the perfect balance of high carbon that keeps its edge sharp but also durable. 104cm. 1060 handforged high carbon steel blade. Tsuba is zinc alloy and blade has copper colouration smithed into it to look like flowing water. Comes uniquely sharpened on both edges like a jian. Includes a nylon sword bag. Part of our battle-ready line of swords.