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Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning's "Blazefire Saber" Gunblade


Background of Lightning

Lightning is a protagonist in the video game Final Fantasy XIII. A sergeant with the Guardian Corps, she eventually left the organization to find her sister, who was captured by enemy forces. In her quest to rescue her sister, she became branded with enemy magic, and was forced to fight to save her homeworld. She began her journey as a vengeful and solitary soldier, but over time showed more protectiveness and compassion towards her team. Lightning is a fierce and formidable fighter, excelling at swordsmanship, marksmanship, and hand-to-hand combat due to her training with the Guardian Corps.

Lightning wields the Blazefire Saber, a gunblade issued to prolific Guardian Corps soldiers. It can transform between a sword and a gun with ease. Her primary weapon, Lightning uses it to physically attack her enemies, as well as to channel her magical attacks.

Blunt replica of Lightning’s “Blazefire Saber” Gunblade

Our masterfully crafted real sword is inspired by Lightning’s Blazefire Saber gunblade from the Final Fantasy XIII series. This handmade quality carbon steel replica of Lightning’s Blazefire Saber gunblade is 117 cm (46 in) long. The blade is blunted and runs through the handle, which itself is made of a custom-made quality plastic resin. The gunblade comes with a custom display stand and is an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory.