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Batman - Batman Batarang Folding Knife


Background of Batman

Batman is the protector of Gotham City in many comic books, movies and TV series. A symbol of vengeance and night, he disguises himself in a bat-like costume to invoke fear into the hearts of Gotham City’s criminals, using his genius-level intellect and arsenal of gadgets. He is known to have several iconic nicknames including “The Dark Knight” and the “World’s Greatest Detective”.

Batman wields a batarang, a versatile, bat-shaped throwing weapon commonly utilized in his arsenal. Essential for many of his escapades, Batman mainly uses his batarangs to subdue his enemies from far away.

Real life Batarang Folding Knife

Our masterfully crafted double-sided folding knife is inspired by Batman’s batarang, including its iconic design. This folding knife is 19 cm (7 in) when fully opened. Each side of the knife can be individually pulled open and shut. Back has a clip, allowing it to be attached to a belt for easy carry.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an actual folding knife and should not be thrown like a batarang. Please obey all your local laws for public-carry of this product.