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The Legend of Zelda - Link's Royal Broadsword

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Background of Link's Sword

Link is the protector of the Hyrulean realm and the main protagonist of the video game series the Legend of Zelda. Link is a brave young man that is destined to save Princess Zelda and the Kingdom of Hyrule from the tyranny of the evil warlock, Ganondorf. To restore the peaceful and prosperous Hyrule, Link goes through a great series of trials and adventures that test his wisdom, courage and power.

Link travels through the vast land of Hyrule, collecting various items such as the Royal Broadsword, a rare and powerful weapon that the Royal Family of Hyrule awards to only knights of exceptional feats. Reminiscent to the Master Sword, the Royal Broadsword is a one-handed broadsword with a reverse wing-shaped crossguard imbued with the official Royal Crest.

Steel replica of Link's Sword

Our carefully crafted real sword is inspired by Link's sword, including the stainless steel blade and its iconic shaped guard. This metal replica of the Link sword is 120 cm (47 in) long and comes with a leather sheath with nylon straps. The blade is blunted and an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory.

Specifications of our Link Sword

Blade Length: 86 cm (34 in)
Blade Width: 9 cm (3.5 in)
Overall Length: 120 cm (47 in)
Guard dimensions: 27 cm x 11 cm (10.5 in x 4.5 in)
Weight: 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)
Material: Stainless Steel Blade
Sheath Material: Leather
Sharp: No