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Sword Art Online - Yuuki's "Absolute Sword"

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Background of Yuuki's Absolute Sword

Konno Yuuki is the second leader of the Sleeping Knights guild from the game ALfheim Online in the anime and light novel series Sword Art Online. As her special skill, the first class swordswoman created the "Mother's Rosario" an eleven-hit Original Sword Skill that she uses with her Absolute Sword, an obsidian black longsword of immense power. After winning sixty-seven duels in a row, Yuuki receives the legendary title "Absolute Sword" herself. Being terminally ill in real life, Yuuki spends the last moments of her life with her friend Asuna and other guildmates of ALfheim Online who celebrate her existence with love and respect.

Replica of Yuuki's Absolute Sword from the anime series Sword Art Online. 103 cm. Carbon steel blade, paint is baked into the metal. Comes with leather sheath. 1kg.