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Sword Art Online - Kirito and Eugeo's "Blue Rose Sword"


Background of Kirito and Eugeo's Sword

Eugeo is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) from the Underworld in the anime and light novel series Sword Art Online. Together with his friend Kirito, Eugeo embarks on a perilous journey to rescue his childhood friend Alice another AI, who was taken by Integrity Knights. Eugeo wields the Blue Rose Sword which has a powerful AOE attack.

An ice weapon with exceptional strength and power, the Blue Rose can freeze a wide area with ice when sunk into the ground. While originally destroyed in battle with the ruler of the Human Empire, Quinella, the Blue Rose was later restored by Kirito and wielded in the War of Underworld. It is a longsword that has a blue rose at the center of its guard.

Replica of Kirito and Eugeo's Blue Rose sword from the anime series Sword Art Online. 114 cm. Carbon steel blade, paint is baked into the metal. Comes with wooden sheath..

NOTE: Please choose which colour of the Blue Rose sword you would like to purchase. Comes in light blue and turquoise.

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