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Sword Art Online - General Eugene's "Demonic Sword Gram"

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Background of General Eugene's Sword

General Eugene is the head of Salamander's armed forces from the game ALfheim Online in the anime and light novel series Sword Art Online. He was considered to be ALfheim Online's strongest player until Kirito defeated him in a one-on-one duel. He wields the Demonic Sword Gram, the second strongest legendary sword in ALfheim Online, surpassed only by the legendary Holy Sword Excalibur itself.

The Demonic Gram has a unique ability "Ethereal Shift," which allows the sword to phase through objects in order to hit it's target. It is a sword-axe style great sword of crimson red color and can only be wielded by masters of the Two Handed Sword skill.

Replica of General Eugene's Demonic Sword Gram from the anime series Sword Art Online. 108 cm. Carbon steel blade, paint is baked into the metal. Comes with leather sheath. 1.5kg.