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Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn's Bat (Wood)


Background of Harley Quinn's Bat

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel (Harley Quinn), former psychiatrist turned crazy criminal/vigilante is a notorious supervillain from the Suicide Squad movie and the DC Comic Universe. Her past allegiance with the Joker, along with her countless crimes and history of violence crowns her as "The Queen of Gotham City" among many other titles. She carries a wooden baseball bat that has the words "Good Night" written on it, mocking her victims right before lights out. The Harley Quinn bat is predominantly used to take down Eyes of the Adversary, monsters that serve the mystical being Enchantress.

Real replica of Harley Quinn's Bat

Our carefully designed replica of Harley Quin's bat is made of solid wood and comes with all markings and characteristics of the movie prop itself. The bat is 80cm long and weighs 1.5lbs, making it a functional base ball bat as well as an excellent addition to any DC, superhero or supervillain collection.