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Seraph of the End - Guren Ichinose's "Mahiru-No-Yo" Katana (Wood)


A possession-type demon weapon of the Black Demon series wielded by Guren Ichinose. The blade presumably takes on the form of a black katana with a glowing crimson red streak that is outlined down in the middle portion of it. It increases Guren's physical abilities significantly and, when calling upon her name, it also increases his own power tremendously.

-- From Wikipedia

Replica of Guren Ichinose's "Mahiru-No-Yo" katana (trans. Midday's Night) from the anime series Owari No Seraph. 104 cm. Entire katana, including the "blade" is made of wood. Comes with high quality wooden scabbard. Perfect for costume use and cosplay.