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Forgotten Son's Longsword (High Density Foam)

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Background of the Forgotten Son

The Forgotten Son is the illegitimate son of the Warden, the patriarch of a well-respected northern family within the seven kingdoms. He pledged to join an army of soldiers that protected the northern border of the kingdom. As a member of this army, he discovered a great threat to the kingdom beyond the border and dedicated his life to fighting this supernatural enemy.

The Forgotten Son wields a longsword, a weapon made of unbreakable steel. It was gifted to him by his mentor as a gift for saving his life. His mentor had the pommel redone with a wolf design to reflect the Forgotten Son’s family sigil. The Forgotten Son carried the sword with him throughout his travels and into battle. As the blade is made of unbreakable steel, the sword can be used to kill the supernatural enemies that the Forgotten Son regularly faces.

Real life replica of the Forgotten Son’s Longsword

Our masterfully crafted high density foam sword is inspired by the Forgotten Son’s Longsword, including the unique foam blade and iconic wolf pommel. This handmade quality foam replica of the Forgotten Son’s Longsword has a fiberglass core to enhance stability. The sword is an ideal home decoration or cosplay accessory, and is perfect for LARP.