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Assassin's Golden Dagger

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Background of the Assassin

The Assassin is the second-youngest member of a well-respected northern family in the seven kingdoms. Rescued from the capital after her father’s death, she eventually left the kingdoms and trained to be a faceless assassin, exacting revenge on those who wronged her and her family. A quick and skilled fighter, she has challenged and defeated many enemies.

The Assassin wields the Golden Dagger, an ancient weapon made of unbreakable steel that has a long and bloody history, including starting one of the greatest wars in the seven kingdoms. Once belonging to members of the royal family, it passed from owner to owner until the Assassin was gifted the dagger by her brother.

Blunt replica of the Assassin’s Golden Dagger

Our masterfully crafted real dagger is inspired by the Assassin’s Golden Dagger, including the iconic pointed hilt and gold and red trimmings. This handmade quality stainless steel replica of the Assassin’s Golden Dagger is 49 x 4 cm and 0.4 kg (1 lb). It comes with a beautifully intricate wooden display plaque that can be mounted on a wall. The dagger is blunted and is an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory.

Specifications of the Assassin’s Golden Dagger

Blade Length: 25 cm (10 in)
Blade Width: 4 cm (1.6 in)
Overall Length: 49 cm (19 in)
Weight: 0.4 kg (1 lb)
Material: Stainless Steel Blade
Plaque Dimensions: 50 x 16 cm (19.6 x 6.3 in)
Plaque Material: Wood
Sharp: No

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