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Overwatch - Tracer's Gun

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Background of Tracer

Tracer, also known as Lena Oxton, is a damage hero in Overwatch. A test pilot for the Royal Air Force, she was asked to join Overwatch to test their new teleporting fighter jet. However, a malfunction caused her to become a ghost, unable to maintain a solid shape until the scientist Winston designed a chronal accelerator that allowed her to stay in the present as a solid form. The accident gave Tracer powerful new abilities, such as controlling her own time and teleporting short distances, which she used to become a deadly Overwatch agent.

Tracer wields two automatic guns, known as Pulse Pistols, capable of rapid-fire shots that cause severe damage to enemies at a close range. She uses her Recall ability to fully reload her guns, allowing her to use them continuously.

Real life replica of Tracer’s Gun

Our masterfully crafted gun is inspired by Tracer’s Gun, including its iconic design, from the video game Overwatch. This handmade quality resin replica of Tracer’s Gun is 35 cm long and comes with a display stand. The gun is an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory.

NOTE: This is NOT a real gun. This is a resin replica that does not actually fire bullets.