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Overwatch - Soldier: 76's Mask (High Density Foam)

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Background of Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76, also known as Jack Morrison, is a damage hero in the video game Overwatch. He enlisted in the army as a teenager and was soon selected for the Soldier Enhancement Program, receiving superhuman abilities as a result. He joined Overwatch, an elite strike unit, and was eventually selected to become Overwatch’s first commander. However, due to increasing political concerns and internal power struggles, Overwatch was dissolved and Jack Morrison was presumed dead. Several years later, Jack Morrison re-emerged as Soldier: 76, armed with stolen Overwatch technology, with a mission to uncover the truth behind the fall of Overwatch.

Soldier: 76 wears a mask that includes his tactical visor, a tool that helps him lock onto targets. This allows him to aim, shoot, and reload his weapons with great speed and accuracy.

Real life replica of Soldier: 76’s Mask

Our masterfully crafted face mask is inspired by Soldier: 76’s Mask, including its iconic design, from the video game Overwatch. This handmade quality LARP friendly foam replica of Soldier: 76’s Mask is 20 x 7 cm. The mask is an ideal home decoration or cosplay accessory.