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Overwatch - Cassidy's Peacekeeper Gun (High Density Foam)

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Background of Cassidy

Cassidy is a damage hero in the video game Overwatch. A gunslinger with incredible aim, he was recruited by Elizabeth Ashe to join her gang of thieves, the Deadlock Rebels. He was eventually captured by Overwatch and chose to work for them instead of going to prison. Cassidy is an excellent medium range fighter and duelist, and is known for working best in a team.

Cassidy carries his Peacekeeper gun, a revolver made by a renowned gunsmith, which he wields with perfect accuracy especially at medium range. He can also rapidly fire all of his technologically-modified ammunition with startling speed, in a move called ‘Fan the Hammer’.

Real life replica of Cassidy’s Peacekeeper Gun

Our masterfully crafted pistol is inspired by Cassidy’s Peacekeeper Gun, including its iconic design, from the video game Overwatch. This handmade quality LARP friendly replica of Cassidy’s Peacekeeper Gun is 30 x 18 cm and made of high density foam. The gun is an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory.

NOTE: This is NOT a real gun. This is a foam replica that does not actually fire bullets.