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Overwatch - Ashe's Rifle (High Density Foam)

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Background of Ashe

Elizabeth Ashe is a damage hero in the video game Overwatch. Born into a wealthy and privileged family, she nevertheless felt neglected by her parents and turned to a life of crime. When her parents cut her off, she formed a gang of thieves to steal from her parents’ company, thus securing her freedom. The gang, later known as the Deadlock Gang, became infamous in the criminal underworld for their many successful heists and fearless leader. A cunning gunslinger with a love of rifles, Ashe is a formidable mid-range fighter who is fiercely loyal to her team.

Ashe wields a gun called the Viper, a semi-automatic rifle usually shot from the hip. To increase the damage to her enemy, Ashe can also use aim-down sights (ADS) to make a more pinpoint shot.

Real life replica of Ashe’s Rifle

Our masterfully crafted gun is inspired by Ashe’s Rifle, including its iconic design, from the video game Overwatch. This handmade quality replica of Ashe's Rifle is 100 cm long. The entire gun is made of high density foam, with a fibreglass core to enhance stability. The gun is an ideal home decoration and is perfect for costume use and cosplay.

NOTE: This is NOT a real gun. This is a foam replica that does not actually fire bullets.