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Woodland Warrior Archer's Short Swords

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Background of Woodland Warrior Archer’s Short Swords

The Woodland Warrior Archer descended from a lineage of elves and is a prince over a great realm. He is one of the nine members chosen to embark on an incredible journey to destroy the power of a dangerous ring. As a masterful archer, he possesses incredible eyesight and hearing which help aid him on his quest to destroy evil. He is close friends with one of the dwarves he travels with on his adventures.

The Woodland Warrior Archer wields a pair of long, white knives when in battle. Alongside his legendary bow and arrow, these short swords are one of the Woodland Warrior Archer’s primary weapons he carries throughout his adventures. He uses these swords within close combat to bravely fight his enemies.

Blunt replica of Woodland Warrior Archer’s Short Swords

Our carefully crafted real swords are inspired by the Woodland Warrior’s short swords, including the iconic stainless steel blade and its unique guard. This metal replica of the Woodland Warrior Archer’s sword is 56 cm (22 in) long and comes with a wooden display plaque. The blades are blunted and an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory.