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Fallen King's Sword

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Background of Fallen King’s Sword

The Fallen King is the notorious leader of the Fallen Knights who presides within a dark kingdom. The Fallen King’s incredible intellect and immense power helped him rise as second in command to the most powerful leader of this dark realm. While his precise identity is left unknown, he is rumoured to be a one of the noblemen who was corrupted by one of the nine rings which caused him to fall under the control of an evil dark lord. As a fierce sorcerer, the Fallen King utilizes a vast arsenal of powers to fight his enemies and his attacks can rival even the strongest of his foes in battle.

The Fallen King wields an iconic broadsword when fighting against his enemies. This fiery sword has been used in tandem with the Fallen King’s magical powers, resulting in deadly attacks against those who attempt to challenge him. While armed with this weapon in battle, the Fallen King is surrounded by an aura of fear which make his enemies retreat in terror.

Blunt replica of Fallen King’s Sword

Our carefully crafted real sword is inspired by the Fallen King’s sword, including the iconic carbon steel blade and its unique guard. This metal replica of the Nomad King’s sword is 105cm (41 in) long and comes with a wooden scabbard. The blade is blunted and an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory.