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One Piece - Monkey D. Luffy's "Nidai Kitetsu" Katana (Luffy Sword)


Background of Luffy's Sword

Monkey D. Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates in the anime and manga series One Piece. He aspires to be the King of the Pirates by finding the legendary treasure "One Piece" that was left behind by Gol D. Roger. After accidentally eating the Gum-Gum Fruit, Luffy can stretch, bounce, bend and inflate his body, as it has adopted to the properties of rubber. He uses the Nidai Kitetsu when he faces Basil Hawkins, to which Luffy threw a punch with the sword in his hand.

The Nidai Kitetsu (trans. "Second Generation Ogre") is a cursed sword that supposedly brings a horrible death to its users. It is a fine blade with extraordinary strength and is on par with legendary swords such as the Ame No Habakiri and the Enma. The Nidai Kitetsu is a purple katana that has golden clasps among the hilt and sheath, as well as a golden and rounded crossguard.

Blunt replica of Luffy's Sword

Our carefully crafted real sword is inspired by Luffy's katana, including the colored carbon steel blade (toshin) and it's iconic shaped guard (tsuba). This metal replica is 101 cm (40 in) long and comes with a wooden sheath (saya). The blade is blunted and an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory.

Specifications of our Luffy Sword

Blade Length: 68.5 cm (27 in)
Blade Width: 0.5 cm (0.2 in)
Overall Length: 101 cm (40 in)
Guard dimensions: 10 cm x 7.5 cm (4 in x 3 in)
Weight: 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)
Material: Carbon Steel Blade
Sheath Material: Wood
Sharp: No

Sharp, battle ready version of Luffy's Nidai Kitetsu Katana available here.

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