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Kingdom Hearts - Shooting Star Keyblade (High Density Foam)

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Background of Shooting Star Keyblade

Sora is one of the main protagonists in the video game series Kingdom Hearts. He grew up on Destiny Island alongside his close childhood friends Riku and Kairi. A brave hero who is true of heart, Sora vows to fight for justice and defeat powerful creatures known as the Heartless. He is one of few individuals worthy to wield a keyblade, which gives him the magical ability to open any lock in existence. Sora travels alongside his close allies Donald Duck and Goofy to help eliminate dark forces which they encounter throughout different worlds.

The Shooting Star is one of the powerful keyblades which Sora wields during his adventures. When the shooting star keychain is attached to Sora’s original blade (the Kingdom Key), his keyblade changes in appearance and gains new magical abilities. When wielding the Shooting Star, Sora can perform an “Element Form” attack, which causes the keyblade to split into a pair of guns which shoot powerful bursts of light against his opponents.

Real life replica of Shooting Star Keyblade

Our masterfully crafted Keyblade is inspired by Sora’s Shooting Star Keyblade, including its iconic design and shape. This foam replica of the Shooting Star is 80cm x 32cm and is constructed with a fiberglass core to enhance stability. The keyblade is an ideal home decoration or cosplay accessory and is perfect for LARP.

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