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Fire and Steel - Guandao

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A guandao is a type of pole weapon that is used in some forms of Chinese martial arts. Known as the "reclining moon blade", it is comparable to a European fauchard or glaive and consists of a heavy blade mounted atop a long wooden or metal pole with a metal counter weight used to balance the heavy blade and for striking on the opposite end. 

Used while on horseback and on foot, forms using the weapon in nearly all traditional styles of Chinese martial arts emphasize strong slashing movements and momentum to keep the heavy blade moving through a series of spinning cuts. The considerable weight of the weapon also makes guandao forms good for training the overall conditioning of the body.

Variations include having the tip rounded as in the elephant guandao. 

-- From Wikipedia

Fire and Steel guandaos are 1045 high carbon steel. 136cm. Full tang. Comes with a leather sheath.

NOTE: We offer 3 variants including traditional, elephant style, and straight back. Please select the variant you'd want using the drop down list.