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Fire and Steel - Royal Arms of England Shield

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"The first documented use of royal arms dates from the reign of Richard I (1189–1199). Richard I used a single lion rampant, or perhaps two lions affrontés, on his first seal, but later used three lions passant in his 1198 Great Seal of England, and thus established the lasting design of the royal arms of England. In 1177, when Richard's brother John succeeded him on the English throne, he would adopt arms with three lions passant or on a field gules, and these were then used, unchanged, as the royal arms ('King's Arms') by him and his successors until 1340."

-- From Wikipedia.

The Fire and Steel Royal Arms of England heater shield is constructed for actual use. 72cm x 42cmEntire shield is steel plate and brass, with leather straps in the back to allow easy carry.