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Final Fantasy XV - Gladiolus Amicitia's Greatsword (Gladiolus Sword - Fibreglass)

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Background of Gladiolus Amicitia

Gladiolus Amicitia is one of the party members in the video game Final Fantasy XV. A childhood friend and loyal protector to Prince Noctis, he accompanied the prince on his quest to save his kingdom from invaders. He has a cheery and outgoing disposition, but is also known to be brutally honest about his friends’ weaknesses. Having grown up in the Amicitia (trans. “Friendship” in Latin) military family, Gladiolus is a well-rounded fighter and survivalist.

Gladiolus wields Greatswords as his primary weapon. A warrior of great strength, he is capable of wielding the greatswords with ease and can even throw them at targets. In combination with his shields, Gladiolus uses the greatswords to protect the prince in combat and aid him in his journey.

Real life replica of Gladiolus Amicitia’s Greatsword (Fibreglass)

Our masterfully crafted sword is inspired by Gladiolus Amicitia’s Greatsword from the video game Final Fantasy XV. This handmade quality replica of Gladiolus Amicitia’s Greatsword is 130 cm (51 in) long. The entire sword, including the “blade”, is made of a resin and fibreglass composite. The sword is perfect for costume use and cosplay, and is also an ideal home decoration.