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Exotic Virtuoso Gun


Background of the Exotic Virtuoso Gun

The Exotic Virtuoso Gun is a powerful weapon in the video game series Destiny. It is a dark, sleek, legendary hand cannon with precise aim. This exotic weapon is capable of explosive shots and auto-reloading, which allows the player to wipe out enemies without the need to reload.

Real life replica of the Exotic Virtuoso Gun

Our masterfully crafted replica gun is inspired by the Exotic Virtuoso Gun including its unique and sleek design. This replica is 42 cm (17 in) and comes with a wooden display stand. It is a handmade quality fiberglass-resin composite.

This piece is a Fire & Steel Exclusive, handmade to order, painted by a local Canadian artist. Each gun is signed and serialized.

NOTE: This is NOT a real gun. This is a fiberglass-resin composite replica that does not actually fire bullets.