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Exotic Bristle Gun

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Background of the Exotic Bristle Gun

The Exotic Bristle Gun is an infamous weapon in the video game series Destiny. Crafted with unique arcane magic, this exotic hand cannon has a background of destruction and chaos, hungry for the forces of Light.

The Exotic Bristle Gun is a dark, sleek weapon with thorn-like spikes protruding from the side and the front. Designed for precise aim, this weapon also shoots out giant daggers capable of deadly impact.

Real life replica of the Exotic Bristle Gun

Our masterfully crafted replica gun is inspired by the Exotic Bristle Gun, including its uniquely spiked design and shape. This handmade quality resin replica is 38 cm (15 in) and comes with a display stand.

NOTE: This is NOT a real gun. This is a resin replica that does not actually fire bullets.