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Bleach - Kurosaki Ichigo's Bankai Katana Umbrella

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Background of Ichigo’s Sword

Facing many challenges during his adventures Ichigo releases increasing amounts of spiritual energy, imbuing his sword with even more power to form the Bankai: Tensa Zangetsu (Final Release: Heaven Chain Slaying Moon).

This Ichigo Bankai sword is capable of executing an enhanced Getsuga Tensho, an extremely powerful technique that is highly destructive and creates large-scale damage. The appearance of this sword changes after it is influenced by Ichigo’s ability to control souls found within matter (Fullbring). The Fullbring form of Tensa Zangetsu has a unique four-pronged guard and a long, curved blade which has three distinct protrusions.

Umbrella version of Ichigo’s Sword

Our masterfully crafted, durable and wind resistant umbrella is inspired by Ichigo's katana, including its iconic shaped guard (tsuba) and handle (tsuka). This umbrella replica of Ichigo’s katana is 99 cm (39 in) and comes with a nylon umbrella bag that matches the color of the umbrella canopy. It also has a strap to be worn on the back and a chain at the end of the handle. This beautiful umbrella is an ideal accessory for rainy days and cosplay photoshoots.