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Bleach - Kuchiki Rukia's "Sode No Shirayuki" Katana Umbrella (Rukia Sword)

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Background of Rukia's Sword

Rukia Kuchiki is the captain of the 13th Division of the Gotei 13, one of the armed forces of the Soul Society in the anime and manga series Bleach. Coming from a poor area, Rukia and her friend Renji, discovered they have supernatural powers and joined the Soul Society's academy for shinigami, training to become Soul Reapers. Showing immense talent and strength, Rukia was adopted to nobility and sent on a month long mission to the human world. Armed with her soul's own spiritual energy, represented by her sword "Zanpakuto", Rukia fights to free the world of corrupted spirits called Hollows.

Umbrella katana replica of Rukia's shikai Sode No Shirayuki from the anime series Bleach.

Comes with nylon umbrella bag with a strap to be worn on the back.