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Akame Ga Kill - Sheele and Kaku's Cutter of Creation: Extase

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Background of Sheele and Kaku

Sheele is a member of the Night Raid (the Revolutionary Army's deadliest assassination group), in the anime and manga series Akame Ga Kill.

Sheele is normally a kind hearted person, but she turns into an extremely cold-blooded and talented assassin. Sheele masterfully wields the Cutter of Creation: Extase, a giant weightless pair of scissors with a panda bear sticker on the handle. The Extase can cut through anything, including the unbreakable armor Incursio. After getting killed by protecting her comrades, the Extase is given to Kaku, a modified human with special abilities.

Real life replica of Sheele and Kaku’s Scissors

Our masterfully crafted real scissors are inspired by Sheele and Kaku's scissors, including the carbon steel scissor blades and handle. This metal replica of the scissors is 115 cm (30 in) long and comes with nylon wrappings on the handle. It also has a leather sheath and a nylon backstrap, so it can be worn. The blade is blunted and an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory.